Ethan Cudaback

Ethan Cudaback is a Seattle-based musician and drum instructor.  He enjoys playing and teaching many styles of music, including jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, and anything that gets your heartrate up.  Ethan’s teaching style not only emphasizes gaining proficiency in playing the drums but also in learning to play music with other musicians, as is displayed by his use of guitar, synthesizers, and piano during some lessons.

Ethan also offers lessons as a drum accompanist to students of other instrumentation like guitar, piano, and saxophone.  With almost 20 years experience playing in rock, jazz, and punk bands, Ethan is the perfect drum accompanist to the guitarist or pianist who has been playing by her/himself and is ready to branch out into a band setting.  While “jamming” in a band-like setting, Ethan can guide the budding instrumentalist through basic song elements like keeping steady meter, playing through changes (verse to chorus, etc.), and the use of varying dynamics.

Ethan offers lessons to students 8 years of age and older.